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EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious - Windows SynopsisThe twin Swords of Destiny have been drained of their power. The Land of Norrath is in grave peril, and the entire EverQuest universe is on the brink of destruction. In this fantastical and dangerous online world, you will don the armor of a guardian and become a protector of a rich and fabled land. The Age`s End prophecy has begun to unfold, and now the Destiny of Velious lies within your hands. This time, as you return to Norrath the battle is wider, the rewards are greater — and the risk is greater than ever before. Do you possess the valor to endure the harsh Velious tundra, powerful creatures and deadly enemies in the path ahead? Or will this quest be your last? EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious transports you to the Great Wastes of Velious, where towering dungeons, dangerous beasts and an epic story await. In this latest chapter of the MMO that changed the online gaming world, you will be faced with more challenges, but also be presented with more opportunities for victory. As you battle your way through more than 300 new quests, you will arm yourself with thousands of new weapons and items, soar above the land on flying mounts and discover new realms laden with rich treasures. The EQII base game, seven expansions and three adventure packs combine in EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious to deliver gripping new experiences and the new powers of the Standard of Dain Cloak and four different Velious Portal Paintings. Combine forces with 12 – 24 fellow warriors to reap new benefits, or go the course alone in this massive online world. Choose your destiny carefully — the future of the Quest hangs in the balance. . Price: $ 9.99 Share Product :

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